About Us

We Work Hard To Provide You The Best Quality Shirts, Masks and Bags


Create sustainable villages powered by self – reliant families.


To facilitate a platform in rural to develop job ready skills for women.

To promote sustainable lifestyles.

To empower and enable individuals to become part of the rural entrepreneurship journey.

To replicate garments production units in cluster level to create more employment opportunities at their villages.

Our Company

Janani garments founded in October 2019, is a rural women entrepreneurship that located in Diddige village, Jagalur taluk, Davanagere Dist. that creates sustainable livelihood in villages by creating opportunities for women to work with dignity and earn for their family.

The goal of Janani garments is to support women and youth in a village by enabling employment opportunities locally. Empowering rural women with competency skills Janani garments produce formal shirts, trousers, T-shirts and schools/organisation’s uniforms.

Janani garments aims to produce best quality textiles in the market and reach the globally. 

Janani garments is not only engage women in employment to produce textiles but also it engage women in learning basic communication skills, money saving techniques, Yoga and Dyana. And it let them to be positive agent to create harmony in family and village. 

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Our Team

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